Beauty TV Shows I Love To Watch

Beauty TV Shows I Love To Watch

Beauty makeover shows are among my favorite televised content to watch! Willing or unwilling, contestants are pushed far from their comfort zones and learn to embrace their new styles. Do you love these transformations?

What Not to Wear

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly are headquartered in New York to meet fashion victims from all walks of life. Close friends, family, and colleagues can nominate people with a poor sense of style to get the TLC ‘What Not to Wear’ makeover. Each nominee is given critique and style tips as well as a bonus of 5,000 dollars to help revamp their wardrobe.

How Do I Look?

Yet another makeover show hosted on Style Network, this one takes a different approach. Two close friends and an expert come up with a new style plan for the nominated participant. The show concludes with the nominee having to choose between three compelling makeover plans.

Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style

Tim Gunn of ‘Project Runway’ teams up with Gretta Monahan to create a show very reminiscent of ‘What Not to Wear.’ The two hosts view video footage of the fashion victim’s style choices and later, schedule a meeting to discuss their options. Tim helps create a plan of action that can take any person’s look to a whole new level. This show also involves a shopping trip, makeup, and a brand-new hairdo that the nominees can then show off to friends and family.

Style by Jury

Fashion takes to the courtroom with a show hosted by Preston Konrad and Louise Roe. Participants are taken to fashion court where they must face their crimes— inappropriate outfits, bad makeup, or poor fashion sense. After getting an in-depth assessment, participants go shopping and get a new look with plenty of guidance.

Once their transformation is complete, the court is back in session to see if the fashion victims have remedied their ways. More often than not, the court lets contestants off the hook for their past ‘crimes,’ but every so often, they may have something else in store!

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

This is one show that has been going strong for well over a decade and solely gives men a makeover. Carson Kressley and his fab group give fashion advice and revamp every aspect of the contestant’s life. They are virtually the only hosts that really dig deep to get to the bottom of poor fashion choices.

Love, Lust or Run

Stacy London has used her success with her previous show, ‘What Not to Wear’ to jumpstart her newest show, ‘Love, Lust or Run.’ She mainly focuses on offering her expert guidance for people that haven’t found their own style yet.

Stacy asks strangers out on the street to rate the style of the so-called fashion victims. The opinions are recorded and later played back so contestants can get an idea of what the outside world thinks of their fashion faux pas.

In this show, the host provides a wealth of ideas and uses her skills to train the contestants to find their own styles. Using what they learned during the show, they can recreate trendier looks right from home.

The great thing is that even though I spend the winter in Australia, I don’t have to miss a single episode. With my Aus IPTV account I can still tune into them, no matter where in the world I am.

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