Can You Use Jojoba Oil For Skin Lightening?

Can You Use Jojoba Oil For Skin Lightening?

Pollution, dead skin cells, and accumulated dirt are some of the common factors of dry, darkened skin. While washing your face regularly gets rid of the dirt on the surface, dirt accumulated all throughout may be not be removed by a simple facial wash. In fact, some of the dirt may clog your pores which can eventually make your skin feel dry, or worse, brown or dark spots may start showing up.

While there is a wide range of skin lightening products in the market, many individuals are now cautious when using skin care products. Because of the growing number of side effects caused by chemicals in most beauty and skin care products, and probably because many individuals have chosen to educate themselves with choices when it comes to products being applied on their skin, natural skin care products are now starting to gain popularity.

Among all of these products, natural plant-based oils are the top choice, including jojoba oil. The question is: can you really use non-toxic products such as jojoba oil to naturally lighten your skin? Let’s find out more about the benefits and if this oil can really help lighten skin.

Jojoba Oil Cleanses Skin

As mentioned earlier, darker skin may be triggered by numerous factors. We are not just talking about a simple tan. Makeup can clog your pores, which can cause hyperpigmentation. When your skin is dry, it tends to the overproduction of sebum, and eventually, makes your skin look darker than its usual shade.

Other factors may also include hormonal changes, which can be triggered by the food that you eat and/or the products that you’re currently using or have used in the past. All of these may have an effect on your skin tone, which is why it is crucial that if you’re looking for skin lightening, you start with the basics.

Jojoba oil can deeply remove the dirt that’s been seeping underneath your skin. It can also deeply nourish and moisturize your skin, preventing dead skin cells and overproduction of sebum, which in turn make your skin appear lighter and brighter.

Have you ever noticed your skin to look darker once it starts to get oily? By adding jojoba to your skin care routine, it tells your skin that your skin is deeply hydrated and moisturized, inhibiting the production of excess sebum, and in return, your skin will look fairer and will portray a more glowing look!

Use It Directly On Your Skin

The beauty about jojoba and other plant-based oils is that they’re usually chemical-free. This means that this is by far, one of the safest means of moisturizing your skin without all the other eeky stuff and chemicals that can affect your hormones and do more damage to your health rather than do good.

By applying jojoba oil regularly, you’ll start to notice that the darkened areas will start become lighter, even those acne scars and hyperpigmentation spots will be gone, only within a few days of application!

Sure, it doesn’t “whiten” your skin, but it amazingly does its job of making your skin appear lighter and fresher looking.

DIY Skin Care Routine

While jojoba alone on the skin feels great, you can make your own DIY masks and other skin care products to help with skin lightening. For instance, you may add lemon to your jojoba oil for that “added” detoxification process, which can also help you make your skin lighter.

Honey has also been proven to help lighten your skin, and you can make your own mask with it by adding honey to jojoba oil and leaving it on your skin for 15 minutes. Rinse and you’ll notice that your skin will appear lighter and fairer.


Skin lightening doesn’t have to be complicated at all. It is about choosing the right products that are mild for your skin, yet does its job and by far, jojoba oil seemed to be doing its job pretty well! When buying jojoba oil (or any other plant-based oils for that matter), make sure that you go with pure oils – those that are not mixed with other chemicals or ingredients for best results.


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